Food Safety

Our quality assurance department oversees an employee training process that focuses on personal hygiene and food safety practices. In addition to our stringent self-regulation, we employ third party auditors to help maintain safe packing facilities. At Pioneer Growers, our #1 goal is to provide a safe and healthy product for every one of our valuable customers.


Category Management and Replenishment

Pioneer Growers has been working with select customers to directly replenish their distribution centers.  Using proprietary software, large retail chains are able to have Pioneer Growers analyze all applicable data and determine the needs of their stores. This includes looking at daily sales, markups and markdowns, retail price, profit margin, and much more. Replenishment managers also review and oversee the Instock levels of the distribution centers and determine the appropriate quantity of each item to have on hand. This process extends to supermarket shelves, where we assist in the management of inventory levels. Our direct involvement in replenishment enables us to use our vast experience and product knowledge to better assist our customers’ needs.


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Florida Office

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Georgia Office

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