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Our Growers

The Pioneer promise has always been and will always remain quality, service and food safety excellence. Our quality comes from our growers’ good agriculture practices that have been perfected over multiple generations. Our service stems from our committed, knowledgeable professionals who aim to exceed our customer’s expectations. Our food safety expectations start at the farm and continue to our state-of-the-art facilities where our standards are second to none.

Some of the finest growers in the country grow for us here at Pioneer. Our growers are steeped in tradition, as many of them have several generations of farmers carrying out their family owned operations. In addition, our growers have the ability to keep up with the most modern agricultural practices and technology. Our growers are a perfect blend of tradition and modern farming technology, allowing for the efficient growth of the highest quality produce to feed the world’s ever-growing population.

Hundley Farms

Stewart Stein Farms

Star Farms

Twin H Farms

Frontier Produce

King Ranch

Bridges Farms 


Suncorn J.V.

J.E.M Farms

Double Diamond Produce

GTO Farms

TNT Farms

Stout Valley Farms 

Hardee Fresh 

East Glades Growers

Growers Management Inc.


Turek Farms

Alger Farms

Buurma Farms 

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