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Sweet Corn

Pioneer Growers is one of the largest fresh sweet corn shippers in the United States. Our corn production comes from three major growing areas: South Florida during the fall, winter, and early spring months, and Georgia during the late spring, early summer and early fall months. The summer production comes from the Northeast. With growers producing sweet corn in these diverse locations they are able to provide fresh sweet corn to customers 12 months out of the year.

Our sweet corn is picked and then packed by hand to ensure top quality. After picking, the corn is field or shed packed and hydro-cooled to below 40°F to ensure freshness and quality when it reaches customers. Hundley Farms, Pioneer’s largest grower, has custom built a state-of-the-art corn packing line that enables them to shed-pack cartons, crates and RPC’s. They have the ability to pack over 25,000 crates a day to the highest standards in the industry.

Corn is packed in traditional wire bound crates, white plastic eco boxes that can be recycled or in display ready RPC’s. After being loaded onto refrigerated trailers it is top-iced to maintain freshness. The majority of  our sweet corn is available to customers within two days of harvest. This guarantees consumers will get a fresh, great tasting ear of sweet corn every time.

Our farmers grow only the traditionally bred super sweet varieties which have been bred to maintain their sweetness for up to 18 days after harvest. The taste and flavor of these super sweet varieties has led to an increased consumption of fresh sweet corn.


Pioneer Growers has been in the packaged-corn business for over 30 years. The Stay Sweet label is a popular brand in produce departments. It comes in three, four and five-ear packs as well as, the club pack 8-ear trays. In addition, the highly recognized Green Giant Fresh brand is proud to partner with Pioneer. Keep in mind, Pioneer is happy to custom pack in any label that fits our customer's needs!

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Mexican Style Sweet Corn 

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Grilled Creamed Sweet Corn

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Cheesy Sweet

Corn Poppers

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